Monday, June 16, 2014

Thinking a Winter 2016 Destination Wedding?

Is it Too Early to Plan if I Start now? 

Written By: Jaime Valdes-Riench, owner of Travel & Events with Style

Recently, even more so than usual I have been asked, “ Is it too early to start planning my 2016 winter destination wedding?”  They all seemed prepared for me to “yes” and are genuinely surprised when I actually, “No! Actually we have quite a few couples contracted that are already with us starting their wedding planning.

The interesting part is that most couples have first gone to another travel agency, and have been told it is too early.   You can’t blame anyone who asked around and went to a family friend right? Most travel agents wouldn’t think of going this early to start the destination wedding.. well, we are not your typical travel agency are we?

Now the reason for my reply that it is not too early simply is that we have added a services to guide you by the hand to START the RESEARCH before even pricing the travel and wedding planning.  Personally, I LOVE how couples are being more cognitive of their incomes.  Whether you can afford something or not, why are you going to spend it all at once without a quality decision?  If you asked me, I know I would be honest and say I do a LOT of research before I buy most things, so it only makes sense that wedding needs this much care.

What we have done is added a few facets to our wedding planning package that now allow couples to dig deeper than the surface to find the best wedding location FOR THEM. Price or not, please, please, please do not just choose your location based on price.  How are you going to be happy? Honestly, if you choose  a location because “it is cheap”, well let’s be honest, you may really get “cheap” in the end.  Or what about the most expensive? Why would you pay for a top dollar resort when it really does even suit you as a couple?

My suggestion is meet with us.  Talk with us. THEN let’s see if we should start a wedding planning package that helps you research before we hand over your hard earned dollars to travel companies and resorts.  Taking this extra step will really give you that peace you made the most informed decision you could. 

Note we have many packages now for destination weddings and we really can adjust them for you.  Can you call us up and ask us how much? No, and we will not answer you over the phone.  Are you shocked I said that? If so, I am sorry, but we would not be one of the most specialized companies for destination wedding if we did? We need to tailor it for you.

Below are 2 most popular destination wedding planning packages.  The first is our most inclusive package the Platinum Package.  This is best suited for those who really need us to take you by the hand from start to finish.  We don’t limit our time to plan your wedding. It is start to finish!

The second is our newest package called our Pearl Package! It is our mini package.  It is really great as it is half the price of the Platinum but is covers all the important bases.  The most important part is that is covers the research help.  You have 90 days access to a resort specific data base to learn about the different resorts in detail.  Once you are ready we can price, narrow it down and we will then get you the information on the wedding packages, connect you with the resort planner and secure your wedding date and location… THEN you can take over.  This is the best package for couples who really want to plan themselves but have no idea how to start.  Sometime it is not just that you don’t know who to start, rather WHO DO YOU TRUST to be honest. 

So read this over, and call or email us.  Let’s talk. Let’s make your wedding your best day thus far, and most it the way YOU want it.  Instinctively, we are often motivated by highly advertised low priced holidays.  Remember, this is your wedding.  You will want to find a balance between low cost and high quality.  Even though you want to shop around for the best price, try to find out at the beginning if you think you will have a good relationship with your destination wedding travel professional.  You are planning a wedding, you will want to work together as team to make your day unbelievable! 

Salud to Your Future & Your Wedding!

Jaime VR