Thursday, June 14, 2012

Renewal of Our Vows part 2 - Picking the Attire

text by Jaime Valdes-Riench
Veil picture from birdcage

Well, here I am again, ready to give you the inside on my and my hubby's journey for our renewal of vows.  I wish I could had written sooner, but being a wedding planner, my clients always come first and rightfully so...

So where are we to date?  I would love to share the journey of picking our attire for the ceremony.  I will not share photos quite yet, or I will spoil the only surprise I have left for my hubby.. sorry everyone, that will have to wait.

I was stumped on what to do.  Our ceremony is only the two of us and let's face it, I am a bit more mature in age.  My very first impulse was to run to Bliss Bridal and pick out a lovely gown.  Not over the top, but lovely none the less (that would be my inner child coming out enjoying dress up!!).  Then my wedding planner budget side took over ,and all I could think about was being practical.  

I have to admit, I love the 50's looks when women were really ladies, and THEY HAD CURVES!  So I went with a more fitted practical gown I could use later.  It is more of cocktail dress, and yes I did choose white.  Pairing that with sexy nude pair of 5" heels and birdcage veil, I think the look suits me well.  Most of all, the good old practical side says I can pull on a suit jacket over the dress and presto, I have a dress that would be great for work.  All in all, I only spent around $250.00 total for my look.  This is a sentimental ceremony, so I wanted to utilize jewellery that means alot to me.  This ceremony is all about the meaning, not about glitz.

Now, on the topic of sentimental, I really am one to dig deep sometimes. For my hubby, Jorge, we picked a tan dress pant and a French cut pin striped dress shirt.  To spicy it up, we picked out one fabulous tie!  His meaningful piece will be the cufflinks I bought him as a gift.  They are amber.  How appropriate considering we are having our ceremony at NOW Amber Resort.  He will have a special memory and keep sake.

By no means do I think the more mature bride or couple that wants to renew their vows should settle on what they imagine their ceremony should be (i.e. not going for the gown), but even though I am surrounded by so much eye candy with weddings everyday, I am actually a simple girl.  This ceremony is just about us.  I will still knock 'em dead, not because I will be that gorgeous, but simply because I know my husband.  I know how he cried when he saw me when I walked down the isle on our wedding day, I know how he looked at me when we had our gorgeous babies, and I know how he looks at me when we slow dance for no apparent reason but because a love song is playing.  

When it comes down to it, its love.  Simple, beautiful, pure love.. 

Thanks for reading.  I will love to share the flowers we picked next and then the special part.... the vows.  

Cheers to happy life!