Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Renewal of Vows part 4 - Wardrobe Malfunction

texted by Jaime Valdes-Riench

Hello so we meet again, and share another adventure in this renewal of vow journey.  Today I wanted to talk about something that is pretty real when it comes to any event.. the oh so loved… wardrobe malfunctions.

Not everything in the planning process is going to go smoothly, even for a wedding planner.  I do have to admit that with my experience and easy attitude to our ceremony there are far less challenges.  (remember second time around is far easier and we do not have guests to coordinate with).

In our case, I did want to share with you a few challenges though and how we over came them.  I hope it helps at least someone!

Jorge’s attire: 
For those of you who know Jorge, he is a big guy, but a bit on the shorter side.  This always makes for challenges with choosing dress clothes.  We have found now that getting Jorge a slender fit, French cut dress shirt is best.  With him naturally having a larger neck and shoulders, he is able to get a smaller size and it fits is body and neck well all at the same time.  It took a few tries to figure this out, but by going to an actual tailor or professional suit store for men gives us the guidance we really needed.  This also means it is important to plan ahead! We needed time for tailoring of pants, etc. or we would not have had it in time.  Jorge is just not “off the rack” type of person.  Who knew this time all the tailoring went to the groom and I AM off the rack type of person so my dress was pretty much easy, breezy.

For my challenge, it was my veil!  I had purchased it online from a reputable store and it was well made and beautiful.  It didn’t however fit the way I wanted it to though.  The veil was too small to cover my face AND have the flower in the back of my hair.  SO, my wedding planner / crafty side came out! I remade it.  I would love to show you how!

My Veil:
1.        I first removed the flower and veil from the hair comb.  Since I had to cut away the netting I had to toss it.  It just wasn’t the depth I needed it to be.
2.        I put the comb aside since I would use it again for the new veil.
3.       I purchased more Russian Tulle to make a new veil (Russian Tulle is a the correct netting for a bird cadge veil because of its wide holes and because it is finely woven).
4.       I followed these steps to make a new veil:
a.       First measure your head and add 4 inches.  Cut the veil to that length.  If you want a veil that the comb sits at the back of your head above your bun and still covers you face you will need at least a width of 18inches for the Russian Tulle
b.      Fold the piece of netting in half and cut an angle 5inches from side that is the back toward the outside edge and on angle where it is about half way deep on the outside edge (in my case 9 inches down from the top).  This allows for it to make more of a bonnet shape.  If you do not cut these angles you will have 2 large empty pockets on the sides.   Trust me, it doesn’t look pretty (sometimes I work on trial and error unfortunately).  
c.       Do a running stitch threw all the joints from the sides, around the back, down the other sid edge to edge.  There should only be the front edge of the veil that is not stitched.
d.      Pull the thread of the running stitch so the veil’s stitches scrunch together.  It will look sort of like a bonnet now.
e.      Attach the scrunched seem to the comb.  I did a running stitch again to attach it to the comb and sandwiched the seem in white ribbon to hide the edge of the sewed netting.  With a little hot glue tuck the edges of the ribbon under in order to have no seems showing (finishes the look nicely).
f.        Add a small appliqué if you desire.  I chose one because the veil will sit above my bun and it will give a lovely accent to my up-do.

After the veil was complete, I took the lovely feather flower and glued it to a hair clip.  I finished all edges with white ribbon to finish the look there as well.  I now am able to first put the flower at the back of my head to the side of my bun and have a removable bird cadge veil.  This is far more practical actually because for dinner, after our ceremony, I can still have the lovely flower, but the veil will not be in my way because I can remove it!

So all in all, sometimes these “challenges” are hidden gifts.  It does takes a bit of time, imagination and hot glue.. remember hot glue fixes EVERYTHING.. (just kidding). 

Cheers and pictures to come after we return!