Friday, June 8, 2012

Always a wedding planner, never the bride

text by Jaime Valdes-Riench
picture: Now Amber Resort

As the owner of Travel & Events With Style, I have the opportunity to work with so many amazing couples and very closely with the brides as we plan their wedding day.  It is something that is so magical and makes my job such a pleasure.

Destination weddings are definitely more unique in the way that the securities of having a wedding locally are not there.  When getting married here, you know you can taste, touch and choose first hand everything you want for your big day.  As for destination weddings, there is alot of inquiring and unlimately faith in your wedding planning professional on the selections.  Most importantly, there has to be alot of faith in resort and vendors themselves to deliver.

After doing this for the past 8 years (travel side 16yrs), it always makes my heart long for another chance to marry my amazing husband one more time.  For a little back ground, Jorge and I have been together since we where in highschool.  This July that would be 20 years! Out of those 20, we have been married for 13 years this June 19, 2012.  Our original wedding date was June 19, 1999.

We had a lovely wedding, but it always never seemed like, OUR wedding.  To have the chance to speak our hearts, in the tropics, where we love so deeply, is something I have hoped for for a long time now.

This brought me to a grand idea! Why not surprise Jorge with a renewal of vows?  So at the end of June, when both myself and Jorge go down to do site inspections of the brand new NOW Amber, and the Dreams and Secrets Puerto Vallarta Resorts we will do just that.  As for the surprise part, well, Jorge found out.  Not because someone told him, but because he was doing what he does best, helped me work (he is my business partner after all).  He came across the email from the minister and found out.  Not entirely terrible, it just means that now I will get ready on my own and meet him at the alter as the surprise.  I can't wait to look into his eyes the way I did on our wedding day as I walk down the aisle.

So on June 27, 2012, I will marry my soul mate of 20 years again.  If you would like to continue our reading our journey, I would love for you to participate as we go down this road together.  It will be so special to me to learn how all my brides feel as they plan their big day, and I know that will help both me and Jorge be even better at what we do. International weddings with style!

Cheers and more to come.. (next up - buying the dress!)