Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vendor Spotlight - Dwayne Larson Photography

It is that time again, another vendor spotlight for our Destinations With Style Wedding Show. Today we would like to feature one of the 3 photographers that will be participating in the show.

Our favourite part of photography in general is tha
t is a type of art and art is all in the eye of the beholder. For a couple to be happy, they need to find the right photographer to pair themselves with. There are so many styles of photography available, that price point should not be the sole consideration for a couple's choice. Taking the time to find a photographer to "fit" with a couple's personal style may be a bit time consuming, but it is so very important. It is also important to sit with the photographer and let them know what you like, want and imagine your images will look like. Looking at their individual work will let you know as a couple if their style fits with yours. The other item to take into account is the experience the photographer has in taking images beyond their back yard. In otherwords.. have they done professional photography internationally and are they experienced with the physical elements they will be presented with?

The 3 photographers that will be at the show all have had experience with destination weddings. All 3 have different experience levels, but all are brilliant in their own right. So without further au du..

Dwayne Larson Photography

Dwayne Larson is a local photographer that specializes in destination weddings ranging from Regina, Saskatchewan to Kingston, Jamaica, and all points in between. Anywhere you want this photographer to go, he will be there.

Graduating 4 years ago from Prairie View School of Photography, Dwayne was named class valedictorian. Since graduating, Dwayne’s client base has been growing steadily, and continues to thrive.

Not like other photographers, Dwayne has the ability to make your wedding day stress free and relaxed. He is eager to get that perfect shot, but wants everyone to have just have fun, and enjoy. Leave the hard work of making that perfect day look easy up to him.

- Dwayne Larson