Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Our 7th Birthday!

How time has flew yet we have come so far

A word for the writer: Jaime Valdes-Riench,
owner of Travel & Events with Style and With Style Designs

What a honour it is to announce our companies’ 7th birthday for Travel & Events with Style and With Style Designs. In some ways it has felt like it happened in a blink of an eye, yet looking back and going over the memories is puts me into a state of awe of all the ground we have broken to get to this point.

When Travel & Events with Style first opened it doors to serving its guests, it was a business model almost unheard of, especially for our little city of Winnipeg, MB. I am a firm believer that most things are meant to be and every day is a gift ready to be unwrapped. Every milestone we passed where truly moments to remember always. Hard or easy, they are what gives us experience.

When Travel & Events with Style was created, the goal was to merge the love of travel with weddings. Destination Weddings where starting to grow and to have a firm that offered the travel agency and the wedding planner firm under one roof only made perfect sense. As time went on, we as a company started to notice the areas of challenges for our couples. We then added services such as Officiant services to be wed prior to departure, wedding invitations, wedding websites, and really, the list always seems to grow. But when a service is added on, we educate ourselves in that area to offer our guests our very best. The best part of passing “lucky seven” is that we have now have had the chance to grow our relationships with amazing suppliers and prime vendors to give our couples and their guests the very best. One thing we have always strove for was to keep our company couture and boutique. The only way to offer service that is beyond status quo is to keep the quality with hands on, personalized service.

It brings us great personal joy that our teams is growing in every direction. Our newest and very talented addition is Tiffany Check, who is an accredited wedding planner and destination wedding specialist through WPIC. Having another experienced wedding planner on our team has now offered our local and destination wedding planning clients more thorough service. She is definitely a gem to find and look forward to you all enjoying her blog posts in her areas of expertise!

Now in closing, as an owner, and almost mother to this dream come true of a company, I can only say that With Style will keep getting better with time. Everyone on our team cares about what we do and why we do it. Integrity IS the way we do business and going beyond is because we care enough to do it.

To everyone who has stuck by us thorough these years, to every client that has honoured us as being our guest, and to everyone we have met along the way, I personally want to say, Thank you. It is a blessing we are here doing what we love and you all where a large part of it!

Jaime Valdes-Riench