Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's & the Best in 2011

I just want to send out a Happy New Year's to everyone and many blessings in 2011. I am not even going to begin by writing how you should or shouldn't start your new year, but I do want to say that if we have ever met along the way or will meet in the near future I hope I (and my company) impact you in a positive way.

I personally don't believe in making new year’s resolutions. I am firm believer that change needs to be applied everyday and in different ways. Again, not a suggestion on how anyone should live THEIR lives, but rather a way I live mine. I just enjoy inspiring others if they feel my message pertains. If change is applied every day, it keeps you fresh and allows you to love everything life brings, good or bad.

A few items I would like to mention is that 2011 does pose to be an exciting year for us over all as a company. Our companies are growing and moving into more tailored and distinctive events locally or on destination. We will be growing our Canadian and Provincial destination wedding/honeymoon locations, as we have paired with a lot amazing resorts and new ones are to come! We feel inspired that destination weddings should be embraced everywhere and should be for every budget!

We are also growing our destination weddings abroad. Adding distinction and finer details to make it more than "just a package deal" you can buy from your local travel agent. There are a lot of travel agents with great deals and a great deal of knowledge to offer. How we go beyond is that we took our 15 year travel knowledge (not accumulative, but rather per agent) and paired it with years of event planning and management, and graphic design. We also work closely with the best of best vendors and suppliers (from resorts to photographers). Again, it is about quality, not quantity with us. That is how we try to be boutique and couture. Going beyond is not just selling you a ticket to jump on a plane and fly away (unless that is what you desire), it is a way we take care of our clients. You are our guests, and that is the way it should always be! So in the new year we do ask you drop us a line or email and see how we can make your day a dream come true. We actually do care, and you are our priority.

On behalf of everyone at Travel & Events with Style and With Style Designs: Happy New Year’s and only the very best to you and your families in 2011!