Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wedding Invitations – the new spurge?

Written By Jaime Valdes-Riench, owner of Travel & Events with Style
Photo credit and invites by: With Style Designs

If there was one area of your wedding you knew you wanted to focus on and “splurge” a little, most couples would say the food and entertainment! And most brides, in most cases, (off the record of their groom hearing of course) would say d├ęcor. The interesting thing is invitations, which are often the last item on most minds, are not taking a larger part of the budget. Trend or move back to realizing their importance? Interesting question isn’t it?

Etiquette requests that invitations are the true intro to your special day. They state theme, dress, and give an idea to your guests what they can expect when that special day indeed comes. Now this post is not going to get into etiquette, but rather the trend of style that is enjoyably coming back. (stay tuned to out September post on Destination Wedding Invite Etiquette and article in Weddings in Winnipeg Magazine).
The more we have requests for wedding invites the more it fascinates me how couples are asking for their “something special”. Now I do see requests for the simple and elegant every now and then, but I do have to say there is an increase to the more embellished invitations. This brings me alot joy just for the simple fact that elegance is being recognized in every aspect of the wedding itself.

It is no secret our area of expertise is in destination weddings, thus we (and I) have had the pleasure of making and having the requests of fun themed invites that resemble airline tickets, passports, or of something of the area where the wedding is being held. Now if that isn’t enough, we are now adding extra embellishments to not just make them fun, but also elegant. It shows the attention to detail each couple is whiling to put into something so simple, yet so important. I have even had the request from a lovely bride to have magnet added to the back of her invite for her destination wedding so it would be on her guests fridge as a reminder of all the fun they would be enjoying during their week away. I could list a lot more “original” ideas, but how original would they be really? It comes down to each couple and their taste and requests. In my opinion that is truly what custom means, not just changing the names, fonts and colours.
So if there is a message I can say to the couples out there starting the process of designing and ordering their invites it would be simply that they should not be shy to ask what it would take to have their invitations look the way they imagined and may be more so. Now I am a huge advocate on staying on budget, really I wouldn’t be a good wedding planner if I didn’t encourage my couples accordingly, but work with your designer. An inspired designer will create WITH you not just FOR you. There will be a time for give and take in order to create and stay on budget, but it never hurts to ask and see if the image you drew up in your mind became not just obtainable, but rather little gifts to share with future guests. A lot of people say they toss the invites they receive once they are invited, but honestly most keep them that much longer when they are memorable and original. Originality is key with every aspect of a dream come true wedding!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Save for Travel – Rainy Day Account?

Written By Jaime Valdes-Riench, owner of Travel & Events with Style Over the past week this same idea has come up over and over again and finally it dawned on me when another fellow wedding/travel planner ask a simple question about saving money. So I thought I should actually write up on this money saving practice I have doing for a while now that has had a lot of overall benefits! The hardest part of this commitment is being diligent and committed.

What I am referring to is having a “rainy day account”. Now this is far from being my idea, but this is really a great way to save and find the extra dollars so you can splurge and travel with your family!

This is what I started doing and I can say it really does work.. but you HAVE to be committed. I am one of those who enjoy a “coffee house” coffee more than now and then, and I slowly started to see my waist line expand from one too many whip creamed topped tasty treats. So as a way to convince myself to watch what I ate I started taking that money and putting it into an account separate from my regular savings or chequing accounts. The money started accumulating, but not exactly as fast I really wanted so I then took it one step further, I started doing it with every temptation I could apparently afford. Three great things happened! One: I started realizing how much money I was really wasting on silly things; Two: I actually started LOOSING weight, and Three: I had some extra mad money!

I am not really seeing a down side to this so far. I am now on my way to fit into that bathing suit I wanted to sport on a white sand, turquoise water beach, and I learned a lot about my spending habits. Let’s just say I nipped a few things in the bud now.
So this may not be for everyone, and it may not equal thousands of dollars unless you are really saving the money you where going to use on a few designer shoes or handbags, but it CAN be the difference between a regular room and the Deluxe Ocean Beach Walkout room I have had my eye on for sometime. Let’s just say I am waiting a bit longer and maybe first class can be worked in too..

So happy travels and more power to you on self control!