Friday, September 17, 2010

Manitoba With Style - Elkhorn Resort and Spa

Written By Jaime Valdes-Riench, owner of Travel & Events with Style
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Destination Weddings have been become a passion of ours as a company and we can’t wait to find more and more locations to make these little trips and wedding-moons in one a true reality. Quite honestly, not everyone wants to travel very far, but everyone deserves an unbelievable dream day wedding. This is where a resort such as Elkhorn Resort and Spa is one of the most perfect resorts right here in our beautiful prairie province of Manitoba!

Elkhorn Resort and Spa is nestled on the edge of Riding National Park and across the highway from Wasagaming, MB (Clear Lake). Everything in this area is something straight out of a post card. From crystal clear waters to green rolling hills, the geography of park is breath taking! Now add a Resort with awarding winning gourmet cuisine, an new huge equestrian stable, and a spa that can take you away. You can have an unbelievable vacation, honeymoon and WEDDING in one! The best part is.. you are in Manitoba!

The meal options at the actual resort include the Mountain Grill and the Buffalo Bar. From the elegant gourmet cuisine paired with unprecedented wines to a relaxed low key meal both restaurants can satisfy any guest. The new riding stable has been built to the size of 85x200’ which features a type of fabric covered roof that allows for natural light. The way it was described by Elkhorn, was that the building was set up for spectators and can accommodate various events. Lastly, the Solstice Spa.. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the spa is! From steaming in the change rooms, to wading in the Equinox Pool and hot tub to the spa services.. I can’t even do it justice! I have been fortunate enough to experience a few of these luxuries and have been left speeches. All my experiences at the spa and resort overall have been simply amazing.

Beyond my personal visits to the resort (which can be up to 3 in a year!) I and A few other wedding planners and photographers (which by the way are pretty brilliant in their own respects), had the pleasure of touring the wedding side of this vacation spot. The on-site event coordinator Kris and her counter part Nicole from the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg where gracious hosts. I can only imagine how wonderful they would be to work closely with on an event such as wedding. It would take hours to write step by step what a couple can do to arrange the perfect wedding at this resort, but I can do one better, simply call me! I am happy to let you know all about it, and how it can be something you can enjoy. Elkhorn has it all and is whiling to tailor things to their guests. This service, along with the gourmet cuisine and attentive service in every professional area really would make for a wedding day, done With Style!