Sunday, May 2, 2010

Okanagan Spring Wine Festival – 2010 – Apr 30-May 9

Written By: Jaime Valdes-Riench, owner of Travel & Events with Style
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It is the time of year again. The spring air kisses the gorgeous Okanagan Valley and the dewy mornings start with fresh crisp air and by mid afternoon the land fills with warm sunshine. Tourist flood to the Okanagan Valley to enjoy the region’s "fruit of their labour". There are millions of opportunities to enjoy amazing wines and culinary works of art.

Being one who has enjoyed this festival for ourselves, we can say the entire Okanagan Valley is filled with amazing scenery,and the city of Kelowna is somewhere near and dear in ours hearts personally. So much so, I must return at least once a year. It breaks my heart not to be there again during their spring wine festival! I have seen a lot of places in my life and this is one I am compelled to return to on a regular basis!

Here is a direct quote from the Okanagan Wine festival website:
" The Okanagan Spring Wine Festival is a perfect marriage of wine and culinary tourism. For the first ten days in May each year, it offers a tantalizing experience for anyone who loves fabulous wine accompanied by fine cuisine. And what better way to announce the grape growing season than to hold a Festival during bud break!.
Guests can choose an incredible 100 plus events throughout Okanagan Wine Country at a time of year when it is absolutely delightful to savour Spring in the warm sunshine. The Okanagan Spring Wine Festival has been described as "one of Canada's best small festivals" and it is no wonder that its success continues to grow.
Experience a wide range of culinary treats from light lunches to gourmet dinners served at many fabulous locations, what better way to visit Okanagan Wine Country during the first weekend in May.
A great way to enjoy the spring air by exploring Okanagan Wine Country, tasting the fabulous new wine releases, enjoying fine cuisine and tasting the wines famed around the globe. There are over 100 events to enjoy over the weekend.”

There are many tours to enjoy all the sites and go to various wineries. I highly recommend taking at least one or making a reservation at one of the wineries dinners and wine tastings.

We have had the pleasure of enjoying an amazing multi-course meal and wine parings at the Gray Monk Estate Winery and their gourmet restaurant “The Grapevine”. It was beyond fabulous! The ambiance on their terrace was like being in the Mediterranean Riviera. The evening was blissful while we sipped their Latitude 50 wine, which is excellent for cocktail hour. Once we where guided into the dinner, each course was served to us and with it was an unbelievable pairing of their finest wines. I could not even begin to describe the meal. The chiefs are award winning and their culinary skills show their every talent. Dessert was no exception and was also paired with their ice wine! There was entertainment and we had the pleasure of being seated with one of the owner’s sons who is now taking over a portion of this family business . The winery is one of the longest family owned wineries in the region, and are owned by the Heiss family. Their dedication to quality is seen and tasted in everything we have had the pleasure of experiencing. It is definitely an experience everyone should take the time to enjoy as well!

Future Spring Wine Festivals:
2010 – Apr 30-May 9
2011 – Apr 29-May 8
2012 – May 4-13
2013 – May 3-12
2014 – May 2-11
2015 – May 1-10

Additional information:
Gray Monk Estate Winery
1055 Camp Rd.
Okanagan Centre, B.C. Jul 1-Aug 31: 9am-9pm daily
Sept 1-Jun 30: 10am- 5pm daily
Jan 1-Marc 1 Closed Sundays
Grapevine Restaurant open Apr-Oct
ph: 250-766-3168